Finding Balance


Welcome to the website of Kathryn Tooker, LAc. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Kathryn practices Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, in 2 Seattle WA neighborhoods:   Ballard Crownhill, and Eastlake.

For Kathryn  Finding Balance is the essence of Chinese medicine and her practice.     When we are in balance, we experience our greatest health and a general sense of ease.  Within the context of Chinese medicine illness and/or pain is the result of the bodies inability to preserve its own equilibrium in response to various external or internal stresses.   Kathryn believes that maintaining health is something to be worked towards for our entire lives rather than a static end goal.  Part of Kathryn’s process of improving the health of her patients is assisting them in finding their own sense of balance on multiple levels such that they may experience their own optimal health and sense of well being.

Kathryn enjoys treating all ages. Please take some time to explore this site to learn more about the range of illness which Chinese medicine effectively treats.

For an appointment please contact Kathryn:

By phone: 206 518-7631                                                 


Clinic Locations:

The Eastlake Neighborhood- located within Always Chiropractic Clinic

1500 Fairview Ave E, Suite 205
Seattle, WA, 98102










The Ballard/Crownhill Neighborhood

1407 NW 70th Ave
Seattle, WA, 98117



What’s new?

The Capitol Hill Clinic has moved to the Eastlake neighborhood.  It’s located within Always Chiropractic.  The treatment room is lovely with an abundance of natural light and a glimpse of the Space Needle and Lake Union. Patients can park in the WSCEU parking lot for free.People are coming and going from the credit union and parking spaces become available quickly if you don’t find one immediately.