Sports Medicine

“I started seeing Kathryn for some nagging sports injuries that had been unimproved by physio. For me, it was like night and day improvement within an hour. By the next day, the pain and stiffness were totally gone. I don’t understand a great deal about how acupuncture works, but it’s pretty amazing.

The other great thing about Kathryn is that she is an incredibly kind person. You just sense this right away when you meet her. I was cautious about anyone sticking needles in me, but her way of caring is such that I don’t feel afraid at all.

I convinced my dad–who is not a new-agey guy at all–to go and see her: he had an old football injury from college that was keeping him awake at night with his leg aching. The first time he saw Kathryn, he told me the next day that it was the first time in months that he had gone to bed and been able to get comfortable and fall asleep immediately.”

A-P Hurd

Hip injury Headaches IT Band pain Fertility

I first saw Kathryn after six months of Western Medicine and physical therapy failed to heal a hip injury.  Her intuitive nature and skilled acupuncture helped me recover.  I have since seen her for IT band trouble, headaches, and fertility issues.   Kathryn possesses an insightful ability to identify the cause of ailments and to administer healing therapy.  She listens to both verbal and non-verbal cues and is well suited for her role as a clinician.  I trust her completely with any health issue and would recommend Kathryn to anyone.


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